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Shamp Bionics
2656 S Arlington Road
Tel: 330.644.4201
FAX: 330.644.4202
Three generations of prosthetic care, since 1957
Shamp Bionics began back in 1936 when Norm Shamp became a
bi-lateral amputee.  Patient care was less than adequate early in
prosthetics, which embedded in Norm the belief that amputees should not
be treated like second class citizens. In 1957, with meticulous skills and a
practice which focused heavily on patient care, Norm started his first
company, Shamp Artificial Limb.  The company grew and changed
locations, and in the 60's became Shamp Prosthetic Orthotic Center. It was
at that time when George, Joe and Dan adopted the same standard of great
patient care.  Another generation, a new name with a new location, leading
edge technology mixed with a small family atmosphere, still holding the
standard of great patient care, and serving all of our patients needs the
same way Norm did  46 years ago,
Shamp Bionics is taking after its roots.  
Shamp Bionics is conveniently located off I-77 at the Arlington Road exit.
  • All practitioners are ABC certified.

  • All practitioners are Ohio State Licensed.

  • We are members of both AAOP as well as AOPA.

  • All staff members are highly trained in every aspect
    of their profession.

  • The staff at Shamp Bionics is a very hard working,
    dedicated group of individuals that genuinely care
    about the service that they provide.

  • Just give us a call to experience prosthetics our
    way where you are not a number or a dollar figure
    but a friend.
Shamp Bionics